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Smart Heating System

per-room temperature completely under user's control + convenient adjustment via Smartphone

Misuse of boiler does not matter because I can control my home boiler anywhere at my liberty.


intimate connubial room

cooking kitchen

Unoccupied room 

children's room of dream


living room for feline bonding

Technological sinew of nexHOME smart heating system

Smart remote-controlled heating adjustment

Efficient per-room temperature control with smartphone

Feedback function

advises optimal heating conditions on the basis of analyzed usage pattern

Position-based heating control

automatic temperature control adapted to family member's constantly changing location

Scheduled Heating

Set up schedule according to purpose of each room 

Timer heating

controls temperature on the absolute need basis


smartphone control of appliances installed in multiple houses

Push function 

setting of temperature adapted to external temperature conditions

Reduction of heating cost by 30%



PREMIUM residential environment


Once preexisting apartment system is mounted with Easy Connect Module

SMART temperature adjustment function is made available


per-individual indoor temperature adjustment functions through per-room designation of user in the apartment



indoor temperature is automatically adjusted, in case resident travels far enough from home - Geo-Fencing System


nexHOME smart heating system as smart brainchild of new concept 

coordinator nexHOME saves our home heating cost


  hot water distributor  


  IoT connect  

  temperature adjuster  

Heating of each room is basic! Autonomous per-hour temperature setting 

Disparate temperature control for each different room for each disparate need

  time for bed, time for holiday with family presence 




  time for work day absent of family  



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